FAIRE ~ Issue 6

FAIRE ~ Issue 6



Stories of Salt & Starlight by Ruth Steadman


Caroline Beck and Roisin Taylor are the mother-and-daughter founders of Verde Flower Company, flower farmers and ecologically responsible florists based in a Victorian walled garden in County Durham in Northern England. 


Charlotte Bourrus is a French paper artist and founder of The Map. We step inside her Biarritz atelier in Southern France, where Charlotte and her team work meticulously to collect symbolic or representative elements from postcards, rare books, vintage paper and textiles. 


Deborah Brearley is an Australian multidisciplinary artist, author, gardener and creative mentor who invites us to discover her work and the charming historical ‘make do’ cottage she purchased a little over a year ago, which she is in the process of restoring, combining all her loves and interests: land restoration, historical preservation, social history and gardening.


Dorothée Catry is a French costume designer, natural dyer and milliner who has trained in many heritage craft techniques, including millinery, floral trimming and natural dyeing. Today she is a trusted guardian to a special savoir-faire of silk flower making. 


Kim Chin is a multifaceted textile artist and cultural caretaker, born in the creative capital of London and with roots in Filipina, Chinese and Jamaican heritage. 


Vincent Jeannerot is a French watercolour painter who has transmitted sensitivity and emotion through his botanical illustrations for more than 35 years from his beautiful studio in Vieille Lyon, France. 


Gabrielle Karnycheff is a French designer who creates a variety of bespoke, made-to-measure luxury leather objects using traditional hand-sewing and hand-cutting techniques from her home in Provence, France. 


Jessica Ozlo is a Spanish textile artist who explores traditional crafts as a way of slowing down the creative process and reconnecting with handmade and female heritage skills.


Claire Rosen is an award-winning artist and the author of Imaginarium: The Process behind the Pictures, written as a way to encourage artists to develop a sustainable and fulfilling art practice by seeing their daily lives as nourishment for their art. Claire is currently restoring the historic Warwick Furnace Farm with her family in rural northern Chester County, Pennsylvania. 


Eppie Thompson is a British creative entrepreneur and founder of The Fabled Thread, an embroidery company for a new generation of crafters. We explore Eppie’s colourful, eclectic London East End flat where The Fabled Thread was born.


Cecille Weldon is an artist, printmaker, textile and furniture designer and systems thinker who lives in Clareville, Australia in a home surrounded by gum trees and native palms, the wild Pacific Ocean and the big Australian sky.