Elephant Grass U-Basket - Long Handle

Elephant Grass U-Basket - Long Handle


Specially woven and super sturdy, a versatile basket you can use for anything. Includes strong tan leather handles.

Available in natural

 Baskets are handmade and are all slightly different. Handle lengths are between 30-45cm and basket depth are between 30-45cm. All baskets are approximately 50cm wide.

Your basket will arrive folded, you will need to wet it to reshape it. Submerge/drench your basket in cool-warm water, remove and straighten out kinks. Leave in warm dry area until dry, make sure leather handles dry.

Handmade in Ghana

About Your Basket

Elephant grass grows abundantly in the Bolgatanga region in Ghana, West Africa. The grass is seasonally harvested by the Fra Fra people. The grass is then boiled and dried before weavers process and weaves the baskets which can take up to 7 days.

Purchasing these hats & baskets from Ghana help honour and preserve the traditional craft of weaving while maintaining a long term fair trade relationship with the weavers.