Pen Durston Possum Socks
Pen Durston Possum Socks
Pen Durston Possum Socks

Pen Durston Possum Socks


Your feet have never known such comfort and warmth...

We feel very special to be selling these beauties... Pen has created the ultimate sock.

They are rare and to be cherished.

These socks are made from possum down/merino/nylon yarn spun in New Zealand. Possum fibre* is hollow and has both lightweight and insulating. Merino wool fibre has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and you’ll find that these socks can be worn for days and days between washes. We use nylon for two reason, one to give strength to the sock and as lycra to give stretch and return.

This possum yarn is amazing and we are very proud of these feet warmers! We’ve spent the last 3 months testing them out on friends and are favourite report back was ‘are these legal??!”.

Size: EU36-44

Composition: 98% (50% merino/40% possum down/10% nylon), 1% nylon yarn, 1% lycra

Care: Gentle machine wash on wool cycle or hand washing warm water, spin to remove excess water line dry or tumble dry separately.


*Possum down is harvested from culled feral possums. Since being introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s from Australia the possum has caused a huge amount of damage to the native floral and fauna of New Zealand, eating the eggs of ground laying birds and having no natural predators to keep them in check. the culling is backed by conservation groups.